Michel Boutin

Vice President,
director - plumbing-heating

This self-taught, born leader loves to visualize things that have not yet been built and resolve the problems that arise in the course of projects. At age 23 he was already overseeing thirty plumber-pipefitters responsible for construction of the highly complex filtration and hydraulic networks for the water bodies of the Montreal Biodome.

Michel Boutin has been involved in a number of fast track projects and work in occupied environments during his career. Expansion of the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal is a good example: This project required building seven floors on top of the existing four without disturbing the institution’s operations. A real challenge for this project manager!

Motivated by the pleasure of building and contributing to the development of Quebec society, Michel Boutin loves solving problems of electromechanical integration in buildings and is also passionate about architecture, design and drafting.

Michel Boutin is also a past president of Corporation des maîtres mécaniciens en tuyauterie du Québec—an experience that taught him a great deal about the workings of the construction industry.

Life at Lambert Somec

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