Jean-François Lapointe,
P. Eng

Vice president
Director - Electricity,
Quebec City region

In parallel with his work as an electrician, Jean-François Lapointe trained in electrodynamics and electrical engineering early in his career. His professional life then blossomed as he successively held the positions of electrical engineer, director of engineering and R&D and design engineer. He joined the ranks of Lambert Somec in 2010.

Today, as director of the Electrical Department at the Quebec City office, he continues to use his experience to provide exceptional service to his clients and contribute to the company’s growth.

Jean-François Lapointe has always considered work as the best years of life and teamwork as the best approach to all kinds of projects, as evidenced by his many collaborations. He has worked on a number of private and public hydroelectric projects, in numerous partnerships with Agence de l’efficacité énergétique du Québec and on the construction of CHUM in Montreal.

Life at Lambert Somec

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